Examples of Facesitting / Smother Content Desired

Blue Jeans, Gloves, HOM Action

There is a market for girls facesitting while keeping their clothes on or HOM (Hand-Over-Mouth) action but it is not as valuable to us...maybe $50/hour.

Panties and Bras

These girls keep their clothes on but at least they sexy, shiny stuff and lingerie so maybe $60/hour. Of course only 1-girl is fine for about $60/hour

Shiny Vinyl & Zippers

Shiny vinyl and anything that Ties, Zips or Laces is always great. Add some high heels and this footage is worth about $70/hour.

Secretary with Stockings

Stockings with Heels and the guy tied up certainly makes this footage woth about $70/hour. You can buy this from us or sell us something.

Shiny Fetish Outfits

Slave in bondage, girls all shiny and in hight heels while getting topless makes the value here about $75/hour

Lingerie, Boots and More...

High Heels (Boots in this case) with Leather outfit, girl gets topless, guy bound to special dungeon equipment...$100/hour easy.

Nasty Facesitting Couple

This is a married couple so the Facesitting is extreme and he REALLY struggles for air...nice couple chemestry means $100/hour.

Super Nasty Facesitter

This is the Nastiest Facesitter we ever shot with...her crazy Nasty moves are $100/hour all day long with a girl like this.

Something Amazing !!

Anytime there is something special with once in a lifetime footage like this, it deserves to be purchased right away AND at full price.

Examples of Trampling Content Desired

High Heel Trample Action

This sort of action is pretty hard to come by when it is Real (no shirt)...certainly worth $100/hour.

Combo Action Schoolgirls

Interesting outfits combining high heels and bare feet makes this foortage worth about $90/hour.

Full-on Head and Throat Standing

Classic barefoot action with Stomping, Head-Standing and Throat-Standing footage is worth about $90/hour.

Ballbusting Content is ALWAYS Desired

Amazing Ballbusting Action

The girl is decked out sexy and the guy is tied while kicked hard, you can't beat this...absolutely $100/hour.

Classic Ballbusting Action

The girl looks plenty sexy and the kicks to the cock & balls are 100% real and hard means $100/hour.

Classic Ballbusting Action

Again, the girl looks plenty sexy and the kicks to the cock & balls are 100% real and hard means $100/hour.


Answers to your common questions

Shared Content

No Exclusive rights...use on your own sites and / or sell your footage to anyone and everyone.

Quick payment via Paypal

Paypal is quick and easy so it makes sense but I'll even meet with you if you are local to Los Angeles.

Sell us your old crap

Have some old crap on a clip store that hasn't sold in years? Run the footage by us for a quote. Facesitting, Trample or Ballbusting preferred.

You can shoot with your Phone

Nowadays, even your phone probably shoots HD video but you may have to shoot 7 min segments (which is perfect)

Shoot in your own home

Turn on some lights, grab an HD camera and you are good to go.

Will you buy everything I shoot?

Only if you have great stuff that is better than what others are offering. I plan to throw thousands at this...get your cut while you can !!

Don't want to sell your shit?

You can buy ours at the same price !!

You think the price is not enough?

No problem, I am happy to sell you great content at the price I am offering to pay you for your content...fair is fair !!

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